Assuming an artificial countenance one may pay homage in a fine way to the patrons who take care of one's subsistence. But feigning on account of others causes one to entangle oneself. To act with uniform taste is my advice from the heart.

There are innumerable writings upon divination, astrology, medicine and so on. Although they all deal with the methods, based upon the interdependent links, leading to omniscience, to become very fond of these various things will scatter one's contemplation. To minimise the study of these sciences is my advice from the heart.

At the time one stays inside arranging the interior, one may thus have all comforts in the midst of solitude. But this is how to fritter away one's whole life on trivial details. To put off all these activities is my advice from the heart.

Learned, virtuous and so on, also having some diligence towards accomplishment, thus one's personal qualities may reach their peak. But the clingings associated with this will just entangle oneself. To know how to be free, without egocentricity is my advice from the heart.

To make hail and thunder fall, cast magic spells, while protecting oneself from all these, one may think to subdue what has to be subdued. But by burning another's being one will end up in the lower realms. To remain humble is my advice from the heart.

One might have an abundance of all desirable texts, spoken advices, notes and so on. But if one does not put them into practice, at the time of death they will be of no use. To study one's mind is my advice from the heart.

At the time one practices one-pointedly, one may have experiences, discuss them with others, write spiritual verses and sing songs of realisation. Although such things are natural manifestations of the practice, they will increase wandering thoughts. To keep away from intellectualisation is my advice from the heart.

Whatever thoughts arise, it is important to stare at them. Thus when one has a clear understanding of the mind, it is important to remain with it. Although there is nothing to meditate upon, it is important to remain in such meditation. To be always attentive is my advice from the heart.

In the midst of emptiness, acting according to the law of cause and effect, having understood non-action, keeping the three vows,3 with absolute compassion,4 may we strive for the benefit of all beings. To unite the two accumulations is my advice from the heart.

One has followed many wise and accomplished Gurus, received many profound instructions, and looked through a few sutras and tantras, still one does not apply them. Alsa! One is just deceiving oneself.

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