Carrying religious objects, offerings, books and cooking paraphernalia, one may go to the mountain solitudes with all the necessities. But to be well equipped now is the source of difficulties and quarrels. To have no needs is my advice from the heart.

In these decadent times, one may reproach the crude people around one. Although one thinks it will be useful to them, it is just the source of poisonous thoughts. To utter peaceful words is my advice from the heart.

Without any selfish consideration, one may, with affection, tell people their defects, only thinking of their own good. But, although what one says is true, this will ulcerate their hearts. To say gentle words is my advice from the heart.

One engages in controversies, defending one's point of view, and contradicting the other's thinking, thus to preserve the purity of the Teachings. But in such a way one induces impure thoughts. To remain silent is my advice from the heart.

Thinking one is rendering service, one supports in a partisan way one's Guru's lineage and philosophical views. But to praise oneself and belittle others ripens one's own attachments and hatred. To leave these things is my advice from the heart.

Having examined thoroughly the Dharma one has heard, one may think that understanding other's errors is proof of having discriminative wisdom. But to think in this way is to cause the accumulation of one's own sins. To view everything as pure is my advice from the heart.

Speaking only the language of blank emptiness and disdaining cause and effect, one may think that non-action is the ultimate point of Dharma. But to forsake the two accumulations will wither the prosperity of one's practice. To unite these two is my advice from the heart.

Concerning the third initiation, there is the descending of the essence and so on. One may think that the way of the other's body will lead to outstanding progress. But on this path of the impure, many great meditators have been ensnared. To rely upon the path of liberation is my advice from the heart.

To bestow empowerments upon unqualified people and distribute to crowds sacramental substances is the source of abuse and of spoiling the samaya. To prefer upright behavior is my advice from the heart.

To go naked in public and other eccentricities, one may think it is to act as a yogi. But this is how one causes worldly people to lose faith. To be thoughtful in all things is my advice from the heart.

Wherever one stays, with the desire to be the greatest one will act in a traditional and clever fashion. But this is the cause of falling from the highest to the lowest. To be neither tense nor relaxed is my advice from the heart.

Whether one dwells in villages, monasteries, or mountain retreats, without searching for intimates one should be friends with all, but with neither intimacy nor animosity. To keep one's independence is my advice from the heart.

CONTENT of Issue 3

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