practice of the Dharma were rather rudimentary. Moreover, my wife and I had the intention of emigration in the future, and so we did not think it was a good idea for us to hold his lineages.
Whereupon, Guru Lau was sad and insisted that I should generate a great Bodhicitta, not for myself but for all sentient beings, and that I should take up this important mission and responsibility in order to repay the kindness of Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche. He further said that our intention of emigration has

Photo 1.27 Guru Lau's 83rd Birthday (in 1996), with Yeshe Thaye's Family.

no conflict with holding his lineages, and so we should not worry about it. As for my lack of confidence, Guru Lau said: "So long as you diligently study and practice the Dharma, I will try my best to train and nurture you. Eventually you will have enough courage and confidence to take this up later on. So again, this should not be a problem." Realizing his insistence and not to disappoint him, I respected his opinions and promised Guru Lau that I would try my best to uphold his lineages in the future.
Unfortunately, this news of my intention to uphold the lineages for Guru Lau was being leaked out, and thus brought about jealousy and anger from some Dharma brothers. In fact, my wife and I experienced many curses and slanders, but we did not bother. However, things got worse and worse. At the end of the day, we knew that in order to avoid open confrontation, as well as to avoid committing the Third Root Downfall and to keep the Dharma centre intact, we decided to resign from all works in the centre just to shy away from Dharma politics.

Photo 1.26 Guru Lau, Mrs. Lau and Yeshe Thaye.

Hence, after the decoration and the consecration of the new Hong Kong Centre in July of 1990, I tendered my resignation of permanent directorship and vice-presidency, due to personal reasons, while only maintained our voting memberships. Furthermore, as I would want to fulfill the long-time wish of Guru Lau, I decided to read for my Ph.D. degree in England, starting in January of 1993. As I felt that Guru Lau would probably find another suitable candidate to uphold his lineages, I did not take it to my heart, and neither did I take it seriously

Guru Lau's Second call to Me for Upholding His Lineages

By early 1996, Guru Lau came back to Hong Kong for his medical treatment. On one occasion when nobody was around, Guru Lau told me and my wife that he was seriously ill in Taiwan in late October of 1995, and he planned to leave this world forever. Then, he met three Guru - Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche, Vimalamitra and Chetsun Senge Wangchuk - who asked him to stay behind until he finished certain things. Guru Lau then asked them to help him find some people to assist him. Whereupon, my wife asked Guru Lau whom he wanted to assist him, and he immediately pointed his fingers at us saying: "you two!" My wife replied to Guru Lau that because I still need one more year to finish my Ph.D. dissertation, the earliest possible time for us to return and help with the Dharma centre would be in mid-1997. With that, Guru Lau was very happy; and within the next months, his health was improving quite rapidly, and he was smiling most of the time whenever he saw us.
Then on April 2, 1996, Guru Lau asked me for the second time to uphold his lineages. He further asked me to write down my humble request in a letter to him, in order to show my respect and sincerity for his ..CONTINUE..


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