Dharma lineages. In the letter, I wrote down all my commitments and vows to Guru Lau as a humble gesture in fulfilling my responsibilities. Guru Lau was very happy to have read it and tehn put it in his pocket. He further suggested to me that I should learn the Tibetan language well; and in case if this was not possible, then I should encourage my future disciples to learn it well in order to translate the important Tibetan works into Chinese.
Moreover, Guru Lau instructed me not to take on his disciples as my own. Even if they come for initiations, they should be reminded only to bow and pay their respects to the images of Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche and Guru Lau. He further instructed me ont he basic principles, the orders and necessities of oneself being the Guru of others. He also stated his viewpoints on the presidents and vice-presidents of the various Dharma centres, when answering questions from my wife. Afterwards, we accompanied Guru Lau back to his place in North Point, but nobody was inside and he did not have the key. So Guru Lau and the two of us waited outside the flat for about one hour. In between, Guru Lau had remarked: "For the issue of the lineages, everything seems to be fine and smooth this time. Yet, at the very end, there will be some obstacles, and this is the circumstance!" He, then, lowered his head and sighed, continually waiting silently and helplessly. Noe that I have remembered the event, and what has been happening at present, I come to realize the secret indication of Guru Lau's words of wisdom, as well as his feeling of sadness when facing the helpless "collective Karma" and the interdependent origination of circumstances.

My Repaying of Kindness ot Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche and Guru Lau

I cannot and will never forget the extreme kindness, the great expectations of, and the deep affection for me by Guru Lau, as well as his calling upon me twice to uphold his lineages for the sake of all sentient beings. However, it is most regretable that, due to the unfavourable "collective karma" and my own inability, that I was not able to maintain the foundation that Guru Lau had built. About this, I feel extremely guiilty and ashamed towards Guru Lau; yet his instructions to me are always deep within my heart!
In order to repay the kindness of guru Lau, I am noe upholding his lineages and the Victory banner of the Holy Dharma by establishing a new Dharma centre called "Dudjom Buddhist Association", as a commemoration of the kindness of Kyabje Dudjom Rinoche, as well as in fulfilling the yet unfulfilled wish of Guru Lau. All these are for the pure intention of benefitting all sentient beings.

Guru Lau's manifestations of illness and of nirvana had further shown us that we should adhere to hte Four Dharma Seals of "Every thing conditioned is imprermanent; all defiling states are painful; all phenomena are empty and devoid of self-entity; nirvana is peace", as taught by Lord buddha. Guru Lau's teachings and his deeds have shown me that I should follow his example and footsteps. Guru Lau had whole heartedly dedicated himself in his whole life working tirelessly for the benefit of all motherly sentient beings. Remembering my contacts with him through his daily activities ever since I wa 15, I found Guru Lau to have jumped over the worldly hurdles of fame, glory, wealth and power. During the days when he was in the army, he was never overcome by the temptations of power or money. In those days, he could even lose his own life in order to save others, why could he not do so when he became the Guru of others? Indeed, he worked diligently all through his life just to do that!

A bodhisattva in Personage

Guru Lau endlessly brought me along the path of an enlightened human life, always helped me to accept achallenges and to face reality, showed me how to apply Buddhist wisdom to our everyday life in society, and to merge our daily activities with the Right View and the Strict Disciplines of the Dharma. All these help me to understand the greatness of the Dharma. All these help me to understand the greatness of hte Dharma, since its living source comes from life itself. As Zen Buddhism teaches: "the ordinary Mind is the way!" Guru Lau's whole life story teaches me to face negativities and obstacles (which in itself is a "blessing of the unfavourable circumstances"),

and then try to use these as stepping stones for the training of my own mind and body in order to transcend and uplife my own widsom, both worldly and "ohter worldly", which in turn can help me to transform these into positive and favourable circumstances. ..CONTINUE ..


CONTENT of Issue 1

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