The Essential Methods and Progress of Mind Training

(A) The Three Holy Acts - no matter whether it is during Dharma practice, or in everyday life experiences, one's body, speech and mind must be in congruence with the Three Holy Acts. This is the most essential point for Mind Training!

Guru Rinpoche had mentioned :
"It is most important that one conducts the good deeds of one's body, speech and mind without any kind of attachments. Please remember this!"


The Preliminary Act :

The generation of Bodhicitta - this is the altruistic enlightened mind (bodhicitta) of wish, which belongs to the Relative Bodhicitta;

The Main Act :

The Bodhisattva Actions - this is the altruistic enlightened mind (bodhicitta) of action, which also belongs to the Relative Bodhicitta, such as the Six Paramitas;

The emptiness on the nature of the Three Wheels of Actions -- that is, the nature of "the donor, the one who receives and the donation itself" are of emptiness -- this belongs to the Absolute Bodhicitta.

With this attainment of emptiness, one can then achieve the "egolessness" of both the self and dharmas, such that the nature of "the practitioner, the yidam to be practiced, and the act of Dharma practice itself" will be of emptiness.

The Final Act :
The dedication of all merits and wisdom to all motherly sentient beings.

(B) The relationship of Mind Training with the transformation of the basic human needs.
First of all, one needs to have a better self-understanding of the "hierarchy of human needs" After which, one tries to integrate the three things of "Mind Training, Dharma practice and daily activities" at each level of the basic human needs, in order to transcend those needs to a higher level of Mind Training.

Short Introduction :

(a) The reasons for using the "hierarchy of human needs" as indicators of Mind Training....

(b) The relationships between the various levels of the "hierarchy of human needs" with Mind Training, and their correct meanings within the Buddhist teachings ....

(C) The signs of progress in Mind Training and its coordinating methods....

(Remarks: The first part of this course outline on "Mind Training and Dharma Practice" has been completed. The second half of which will be published in the next issue.)


CONTENT of Issue 3

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