would ask for it free of charge, yet very very few, indeed, want to contribute toward its further development. Only five percent of those who had asked for it really felt that they, as Dharma practitioners, should help to develop it further by making contributions and support. As the journal is distributed free of charge all over the world, just for the postage cost is already a tremendous burden on our Association. If not for the very noble and honorable act that a genuine Dharma practitioner, with supreme Bodhicitta, has offered his sponsorship for the total cost of the third issue, this issue of the journal would not have been in your hands right now. This, we think, is the real reason behind the cause of the "lack of merits among sentient beings". as well as the fruit of why the Dharma has entered into this Degenerate Period!

Too many people and organizations have been
asking for the journal free of charge and so all the issues have now been out of stock. As there are still so many requests, from all over the world, for the reprint of them, we have now decided to reprint them and have them in bound volumes of three issues per set. This will be in hardcover, with limited editions, and to be circulated in the public so as to cover for the printing costs. In order to avoid the possibility of having to stop the journal one day, due to financial difficulty, as well as to gather more resources in carrying out our sincere wish of translating the

Photo 1.31 Kyabje Chadral Rinpoche with Yeshe Thaye and Pema Lhadren at Pharping in 1997.
volumes of the Dudjom Tersar, we are now setting up a fund for the printing of this journal, as well as a special Foundation for the Translation of Tantras. In the column for the Association in this issue, you can find such a form to fill in to show your kind support and help to this noble cause (on page 87).

After reading these three issues of "Pema Osel" if you can sense its sincerity for the propagation of the Dharma, and agree to its principle of upholding the correct view, as well as its determination in helping to materialize the noble cause of preserving and translating the genuine Dharma to peoples all over the world, we sincerely invite you all to join hands with us to plough through this vast noble land of medicinal field, so as to benefit both ourselves and others. After all, it is not an easy matter in trying to get enlightenment in a single lifetime. As one will need to accumulate lots of merits in the present life, in order to bring about a higher possibility of gaining salvation and liberation from the cyclic existence of Samsara, we hope you will kindly lend your support to this huge project, which is going to be influential for many decades to come - a great wish of the new century!


CONTENT of Issue 3

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