them to abide by the ten virtuous actions, to gather the accumulations, to purify obscurations, and eventually to attain the level of unbiased Nirvana. This Sugata Stupa, with a height of thirty-three feet and a width of twenty-two at the base, is a supreme field for all beings to gather merits.

The construction of this Stupa is due to the kindness of helpful friends and workers who provided the favorable conditions for this project, at the beginning, middle and end. It was accomplished mainly through the kindness of Yvonne Wong, a Chinese lady from Hong Kong, who is enriched with the precious jewels of faith and generosity and skilled in using her illusory wealth in a meaningful way, by sponsoring the materials and construction.

Even though the main consecration ceremony was done on October 31st, the actual practices began one day earlier and ended one day later. The design and construction of this whole project were done by Bijay Basukala and the German scholar Niels Gutschow, and the whole outcome was dedicated by Kyabje Chadral Sangye Dorje Rinpoche for world peace and happiness, as well as for the giving rise to vast virtue and excellency for all beings.

SARVA MANGALAM - May all be auspicious !

Photo 3.22 "The Great Stupa Which Upon Seeing Liberates" at Godavari


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