as an old horse won't work. This need to keep the samaya, is it for the Guru's benefit or for your own? Deeply recollect yourself and think this over carefully, as when grinding medicine. If it's for the Guru's benefit, then you can forget it right away; but if it's not, then there's no point in throwing ashes upon your own head.... At all times there are only three things to be considered : the Dharma, the Guru and sentient beings. So do not contradict your intentions by your actions. Don't compete with those who bear the trappings or the names of yogis or monks. Bite your lip, control your mind. This is extremely important -- don't play the fool." The whole life of Kyabje Chadral Rinpoche is so full of insights and practical meanings for all Dharma practitioners. It also helps to clear away countless doubts, obstacles and it stops many disputes and debates. As a "real life" case study, Rinpoche's life story has plainly and clearly shown us the real meaning of what genuine Dharma practice is all about, as well as what we should adopt and what we should abandon. There will be no more uncertainties! In summarizing from all the above-mentioned illustrations, we can come to the following main points :-
  1. "All dharmas come from one's mind" - as all sentient beings have the three poisons of greed, hatred and ignorance, they will encounter various phenomena and situations which are not good to them. Even though these phenomena and situations are only "virtual" (or empty) in nature, they appear as "real" to those sentient beings who have strong attachments to them. Hence, if Dharma practitioners do not strictly adhere to the precepts and samayas, the Law of causes and effects (karma) will continue to disturb their minds (because of their own actions) as if "the shadow is following after the body". Many Dharma practitioners use this axiom of "all dharmas come from one's mind" for self-deceptions by negating the effects of the Law of karma and of precepts and samayas, and they even falsely believe in the non-existence of hell. Then, there are other Dharma practitioners who believe that the practice of Dzogchen will have no need of adherence to the precepts and samayas. Hence, they just do whatever they like, thinking that they can transcend the Law of karma -- which is actually like the story of "the king's new clothes" in entertaining others by making fool of oneself - and so they are deceiving themselves and others! For all these people, the hells and other terrible phenomena will occur to them as existing and real, and they will have to reap what they had previously sown. In fact, even Lord Buddha had manifested his having "headaches for three days", in order to show that the Law of karma is existing and is most real to us all. Even with such a great realized Master as Kyabje Chadral Rinpoche, though he does not attached himself to the precepts and samayas, all the great activities of his "body, speech and mind" are in tune with all the precepts and samayas. This is called "the precept of self-nature"! Here, we sincerely hope that all sentient beings, particularly Dharma practitioners, should not use this as an excuse for deceiving themselves and others; or else they will have to reap the effect of ending in hell!

  2. As for blessings, they must fulfill the following four conditions in order to be effective :-

    (a) The person who bless others must be a Dharma practitioner who has pure and clean precepts and samayas; of course, a great realized Master will have the greatest effect.

    (b) The person who is receiving the blessing must have to keep his/her vow of at least not to kill any sentient beings, and that he/she will not break his/her precepts in the future and must diligently practice the Holy Dharma.

    (c) On the one hand, the one who now needs the blessing is having the problems that were brought forth from his past bad deeds. On the other hand, the one who is now giving the blessing tries to arouse the past good deeds in that person so as to help him. Thus, the person being blessed should, from now onwards, do a lot of good deeds to support what has been blessed. Otherwise, this act of blessing will not be able to continue for long, or it may even be stopped if there were no past good deeds to be brought forth.

    (d) Any kind of blessing is only a measure on the surface. The real measure, for the person to be blessed, in order to cure one's real sickness is to diligently practice the Holy Dharma. Do not have the thought of solely depending on other's blessing, or else one will have to reap endless bad effects in the future. No matter what it is: either the one who bless others, or the one to be blessed, the act of "blessing" itself must be without any kind of attachments. Otherwise, if the one being blessed makes the offering while the one who blesses others accepts the offering, but both of them have attachments for this act of " "blessing", then this act itself will become an act of buying and selling. Then, both persons will sow the seeds of downfall if they attach to this kind of greed. Kyabje Chadral Rinpoche -- CONTINUE --

CONTENT of Issue 3

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