A recluse in enduring hardships, with courage and perseverance,
His strong temperament and tenacious will-power will sweep away all those who led others astray,
The great fire of his wisdom will burn all the evils and obscurations,
His everlasting life story will lead the misguided ship to its final destination.

Kyabje Chadral Rinpoche's Birth Conditions

Kyabje Chadral Rinpoche was born in the female Water Ox Year (the 46th year) of the 15th Rabjung Cycle (1913), on the tenth day of the snron lunar month, the day when Guru Rinpoche took the form of Dorje Drollod Tsal in concealing many instructions and sacred objects as treasures in every Himalayan region. He was born in the valley named Nyak Adzi Ron, one of the four great valleys at the Zalmo Gang region of Amdo and Kham (eastern Tibet), where his father Pema Dondrup of the Mukpo Dong family and his mother Sonam Tso of the Wa-kyung family lived. Both of them had strong devotion, respect, and pure vision toward spiritual masters and the deities.

The next day after Kyabje Chadral Rinpoche was born, Ase Bigo Tulku Nyima Gyaltsen (the reincarnation of a great Indian spiritual master) went to the house of the Sha-se Tse-Ko family (Chadral Rinpoche's family name), told the story of his pure vision about Rinpoche on the day before, and then bestowed the crown of the name Tro-gyal Dorje (Vajra King of Wrathfulness) to the future Chadral Rinpoche.

Different Prophecies on Rinpoche

Kyabje Chadral Rinpoche's style of propagating the Dharma has always been very strict, stable and solid, and he always sticks to his principles firmly on the ground. As for the prophecies about Rinpoche himself, he never wants to talk about them. This might be fine in the old days when people could still have the wisdom and merits to differentiate between real and false teachers and Dharma, such that the people could still taste the nectars of the pure Holy Dharma.

However, as we are now in this Degenerate Age, there are those unfaithful ones who have impure intentions and thus make slanders of both Rinpoche and the Holy Dharma, in which case they will sow the bad seeds and will reap the fruit of downfall in the future. Then, there are those who falsify themselves, by lying that they are either manifestations or reincarnations of such and such masters or buddhas, so that they can cheat others for their own ulterior motives. In this case, they will eventually lead others astray and will lay down the cause for the deterioration and decay of the Holy Dharma. In order to minimize such kinds of obstructions to both the Teacher and the Holy Dharma, we dare to publish here some of the great prophecies, made by the great masters of Tibet, about Rinpoche.

Many past holy masters have praised this great Master in trustworthy, adamantine speech by writing down their prophecies about him. At the same time, there were also prophecies that had been recorded in the tantras, and so this is totally different from those people who falsify themselves by making up their own stories. In order to sow the seed of faith and devotion for future liberation, as well as to fulfill the pure aspirations of those faithful ones, here is contained the exceptionally well-recognized prophecies by all Dharma practitioners of Tibetan Buddhism, and thus hope that all the faithful ones will be able to taste its pure nectar!

Photo 1.38 Kyabje Chadral Rinpoche
with Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche II in
Kathmandu, Nepal in 1975.

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