The Life Story of the Lord of Refuge,
Chadral Sangye Dorje Rinpoche

Yeshe Thaye (Dr. David Chan Kin Keung)
& Pema Lhadren (Law Mei Ling)

Namo Guru Bye!
We bow down at the Lotus Feet of our Lord of Refuge, the precious Wish-fulfilling Gem!
Please take heed of us and bless us with your body, speech and mind!


Kyabje Chadral Sangye Dorje, our Lord of Refuge, is definitely a Spiritual Master of the highest caliber in Tibetan Buddhism. As the Guru of many other gurus, he is being considered as the most realized Master of today! Now in his eighty-eighth years of age, Kyabje Chadral Rinpoche is the exemplary elder in the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism. Rinpoche is peerless in terms of his moral conduct, sentiment, scholarship, realization and seniority, and there is none other who can outshine him in all these aspects.

Many of his disciples had requested for Rinpoche's permission in allowing them to write his biography, but each time they were refused. The significance of Rinpoche's life story lies in the fact that it shows us what is meant by real Dharma practice, the interplay of Dharma practice with everyday life, and how the Dharma is merged with one's own mind. Furthermore, it shows us the qualities and activities of a genuine Dharma practitioner by setting a real life example for us all : the really astonishing behaviors of Rinpoche in his genuine transcendence of worldly fame, glory, wealth and position; his impeccable humility of heart and conducts; his most compassionate activities, in great depth and breadth, for benefiting sentient beings; his strong temperament and tenacious will-power; his elegant wanderlust style of a vagabond recluse; his special view and understanding of the Dharma in an essential and precise nature; his unsurpassed excellent wisdom; his perseverant, enduring hardships as a hidden yogi, as well as his boundless wisdom and compassion in upholding the right Dharma.

All these activities and qualities will be able to benefit, teach, guide and warn the cluttered and obscured hearts and minds of countless sentient beings, pointing them to a clear and right direction of where the real Path of Liberation and Enlightenment lies. After requesting him for a very long time, Kyabje Chadral Rinpoche was most kind and compassionate in authorizing the two of us, instead of translating directly from his Tibetan biography, to relate his life story in such a way as to present a clear message as to what to adopt and what to abandon, in order to erect a pure and clean style and character for practicing the right Dharma.

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