Drop of Wisdom
Destiny & the Use of Life

Law Mei Ling
Translated by K.K. Chan

Most people have the general feeling that once they were born, their whole life, in terms of fate, life span, wealth and children, and all the circumstances were all predetermined, and this to them is called "destiny"; while the "use of life", to them, is to use all the resources they can in life in order to materialize their worldly wishes and concerns.

Those people, who have favorable conditions in life, will probably think that this is what they should get in life, and so they will use these resources in order to "enjoy life" as well as to try and prolong them. These worldly concerns are so spectacular to them, which are full of all kinds of sights and sounds that attract people's attention and attachment. This is particularly true for those who are in favorable conditions in life, for they are usually strongly attached to and greedy about these circumstances. It is, indeed, most difficult to get them to understand the importance of moving away from the sufferings of samsara, because they seldom have the experiences on the dreadfulness of sufferings and the helplessness of samsara. Only a very few wise people in this category will search for meanings in life, and will try to use all the resources in this life, such as wealth, life-energy, time, knowledge and experiential knowledge, in order to search for the Path towards liberation and enlightenment, and to get away from the sufferings of samsara.

For those people who are in unfavorable conditions, they usually suffer from the pains and miseries of life and are extremely confused, and so what kind of mental space do they have in searching for meanings in life ? Life to them is pale and dull, and is full of helplessness and sufferings. They would care less and so, again, waste the resources in life, and even life itself. During times of crises, again only a very few wise people in this category will consciously use the only remaining scarce resources that they have in life in order to search for the truth in life, and hope to see a spark of light at the end of the tunnel! Suffering itself need not be a bad thing. In times of crises, if one can be led appropriately and correctly to understand the true meaning of suffering, so that one can channel one's own energy to liberate and develop one's own potential from within, then suffering itself can be a good catalyst for bringing us towards liberation and enlightenment.

For most common people, in ordinary circumstances, they are not so sensitive to sufferings. Though there might be circumstances when life can be endangered in ordinary situations, most people tend to ignore them. Then, how can we expect people to be sensitive to meanings in life, when these are considered as nothing more than pure conjectures. Take for example, it is very seldom for a tourist, when visiting a new place or a hotel, to be well prepared in observing and knowing all the hallways and exits in case of a fire. The so-called disaster and accident, to them, is something very remote. Even for one's own place of residence, whether the safety devices for fire

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