Longchen Nyingthig cycle with miraculous signs.

His main teachers were Trichen Tashi Rinchen of Sakya, Thartse Kun-ga Tendzin, Champa Naljor, and Ngawang Lektrup of Ngor in Tsang Province in the west, Trichen Gyurme Sangye and Jetsun Thrinle Chodron of Mindroling, and Lhatsun Rinpoche of Drepung Monastery in U Province, and Shechen Gyurme Thutop, Jigme Gyalwe Nyuku, Migyur Namkhe Dorje, Khenpo Pema Dorje, and Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Thaye of Kham.

His Great Realizations

At twenty, at the request of Thartse Khenpo, he went to Ngor Monastery, Central Tibet where he discovered many teachings and objects as earth ter. They included Thugje Chenpo Semnyi Ngalso, discovered at Tragmar Drinzang; Lama Kuzhi Drupthap at Damsho Nyingtrung; Tsasum Gyutrul Trawa at Singu Yutso; and Tsasum Chidu at Yarlung Sheltrak.

At twenty-one, he took full monastic ordination from Khenpo Rigdzin Wangpo at Mindroling Monastery, Central Tibet. He received Bodhisattva Vows from Sangye Kun-ga, the seventh Throne-holder of Mindroling.

Before the Jowo image at the Jokhang Temple in Lhasa, the rice he threw as offering instantly turned into white flowers, and a hundred butter lamps burned without needing to be lit.

At twenty-four, at Oyuk, his memory of having been Chetsun Senge Wangchuk and his subsequent attainment of the light body of great transformation was awakened, and he discovered the profound Chetsun Nyingthig teachings.

He made an extensive pilgrimage as an ascetic in Tsang, Ngari, and Central Tibet. At many places he perceived the images as the real Buddhas or the masters, and he beheld pure visions and had realizations. By the end of his twenty-fourth year, he returned to Kham and studied the teachings of the Ngor tradition at Dzongsar Tashi Lhatse.

At twenty-nine, he went to Central Tibet again for three years. At Gegye in Changdrok, as he was receiving the blessings from Guru Rinpoche in a pure vision, he discovered Sangdrup Tsokye Nyingthig as mind ter. At Samye, he saw the Tsokye Dorje image transform itself as the actual Guru Rinpoche and merge into him. As a result, he discovered Tsokye Nyingthig. At thirty-five, while he was meditating on white Tara, he had the vision of the Tara. As a result, he discovered Phagme Nyingthig.

At forty, as a result of pure vision, he received blessings from Guru Rinpoche, which enabled him to see all the tertons and all the ter teachings that had appeared in the past, were appearing then, or would appear in the future in Tibet. Since that time he became the Master of all of the ters.

Thus he received the teachings of all the lineages that exist in Tibet from about one hundred and fifty lamas over a period of some thirteen years. He studied or received the transmissions of more than seven hundred volumes. They included the traditions of Nyingma, Kadam, Sakya, Kagyu and others.

He made Dzongsar Tashi Lhatse Monastery of the Sakya tradition in Dege his main seat and rebuilt it after the destruction caused by Nyakrong forces.

"Receiver of the Seven Orders"
According to the Nyingma tradition, he received the transmissions or became the receiver of the seven orders (bKa' Babs bDun) of teachings:

  1. He received the transmissions of both the Old Tantras and New Tantras.
  2. He discovered many earth treasures (Sa gTer).
  3. He rediscovered many earth treasures that had been discovered by earlier tertons.
  4. He discovered many mind treasures (dGongs gTer).
  5. He rediscovered or reawakened many mind treasures that had been discovered by earlier tertons.
  6. He discovered many Pure Vision teachings (Dag sNang).
  7. He received oral-transmission teachings (sNyan brGyud) in pure vision from many divinities. ..CONTINUE..

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