Hence, I passionately appeal to humanity at large, irrespective of nationality, caste, or religion to practice this most simple but profound virtue of compassionate love. We can praise and please our Lord Buddha in no better way than by doing all we can to save the lives of innocent, mute and defenceless animals and birds, fish and insects and thereby grant them the precious gift of life.

Moral values abjure us from taking anything which we can not give to others. We can not give life to anybody; it is the sole discretion of the Lord. So it will be shameless arrogance and heinous sinfulness on our part if we snatch life from others.

It is my firm belief that if people adopt this practice by universal consensus, everlasting peace and all round happiness will descend on this earth, and human suffering in all its forms will become a thing of the past. All of us will become privileged enjoyers of peace, prosperity, good health and increased longevity. In such an ideal situation, human beings will experience peace of mind and contentment of heart even at death. Bereft of any disturbing thoughts or hallucinations but aware of the essence of Dharma, he or she will leave for their heavenly abode in perfect serenity and, in due course, will be born in higher spheres. Continuous practice of this noble path will ultimately lead to the attainment of Nirvana, i.e. Buddhahood.

May one and all follow this most meritorious path and benefit all living beings besides accumulating meritorious riches for themselves in the process.

"Mama Koling Samanta"
Written by His Holiness Chadral Sangye Dorje Rinpoche. Translated by Chowang Acharya, Senior Lecturer, Sikkim Nyingma Institute, Gangtok, Sikkim.

Kyabje Dudjom Yangsi Rinpoche's
Own Composition
One must practice the virtuous deeds and refrain from commiting non-virtuous ones,
Otherwise, we will be wasting our short precious human lives.
To those who practice the pure and virtuous deeds,
I should pay my respects and take refuge from them.

The Lord Buddha Shakyamuni
Has aroused great compassion for all sentient beings.
We beings, full of contamination and disturbances,
Sincerely pray that we can be led away from all kinds of sufferings.

CONTENT of Issue 2

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