The Prayer of calling the Lama from Afar:
A Spontaneous Song of the Original Nature

by Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche

The Essence is the primordially unchanging innate nature free from mental activity.
Dwelling in the originally pure Youthful Vase Body of profound inner luminosity.
Dharmakaya Lama, Yeshe Dorje, care for me.
Please bestow the blessings of obtaining great confidence in the View.

The uncreated Nature is the unobstructed indivisibly united radiant Mandala gathering.
Dwelling in the display of the spontaneously accomplished Five Certainties.
Sambhogakaya Lama, Dechen Dorje, care for me.
Please bestow the blessings of perfectly great skill in Meditation.

The compassion is the Wisdom, free from falling into bias, liberated from extremes.
Dwelling in the naked essence, the All-Pervading Awareness-Voidness.
Nirmanakaya Lama, Drodul Lingpa, care for me.
Please bestow the blessings of greater skill in Action.

The primordial ground of self-awareness is unmoving and unchanging.
The Dharmakaya's efflorescence of whatever arises is neither good nor bad.
Since awareness of Nowness is the real Buddha:
By openness and contentment we find the Lama in our heart.

When we realize that this unending Natural Mind is the very nature of the Lama,
There is no need for attached and grasping prayers or artificial complaints.
By relaxing in uncontrived Awareness, the free and open natural state,
We obtain the blessings of aimless self-liberation of whatever arises.

Buddhahood is not attained by fabricated Dharmas,
Meditation made by the mind, fabricated by the intellect is the deceiving enemy.
Now clinging to style and manner is destroyed with crazy abandon.
Let this life be spent in this state of uninhibited naked ease!

Joyful in all actions, the Dzog Chen Yogi,
Happy in any company, son of the lineage of Pema Jungne!
Lord who has no peer, great Terton Lama,
Dharma without equal, heart essence of the Dakinis!

Having purified the great delusion, the heart's darkness,
The radiant light of the unobscured sun continuously shines forth.
This good fortune is the kindness of the Lama, our only father.
Lama of unrepayable kindness, I only remember you!

( At the request of my foremost Vajra student Trulpaiku Jigme Chšying Norbu Don Thamchad Drubpaidei, this was spoken as delirious chatter by Jigdral Yeshe Dorje. Sublime Virtue! )

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