Dharma, and also introduces the right view and concepts of Tibetan Buddhism, so as to correct some of the previous perverted and distorted concepts of Tibetan Buddhism.

This book is excellent for newcomers to the Buddhist Dharma; but at the same time, it is very insightful and refreshing for the old-timers as well, as it reminds us once again of what should be adopted and what should be abandoned while treading on the Path.

Hence, this book is in a very concrete, systematic, highly structured, well-organized and fully documented format, and this is, indeed, a good news to all Dharma practitioners. This can somehow ease the thirst that sentient beings have for the Holy Dharma.

Yet, we do feel and hope that Rinpoche can further elaborate and deepen the profound teachings of the Holy Dharma, so that an even more systematic and integral contribution can be made by Rinpoche in the future. In this regard, we sincerely pray that, besides giving public lectures and seminars to the general audience, Rinpoche can put out systematic, yet with different levels of analysis, and critical volumes of his

Photo 2.14: Dzongsar Rinpoche with his paternal grandfather the late Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche at Hong Kong airport in 1984

writings in print, so that with his wit, wisdom and humor, he can help to bring many more sentient beings to the Ocean of Wisdom of the Buddhist Dharma. As Rinpoche well recognizes the many pitfalls and obstacles that practitioners have encountered during their practices, his writings will definitely help to correct those wrong and distorted views on the Buddhist Dharma. If this can be done in the future, it will be most beneficial to all sentient beings just like the nectar of blessings coming down from the sky!

Please Remain in this World
Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche has received the finest traditions, lineages and education of Tibetan Buddhism, and he is an excellent, salient and well-renowned Guru. In bringing forth the finest tradition of the "non-sectarian" approach in Buddhism, Rinpoche has the widest scopes, both in breadth and in depth, of knowledge on the study and practice of Buddhism as a whole, and he is in the most rightful position to bring in the most correct concepts and views for the Dharma practitioners of all levels. For the benefits of all our motherly sentient beings, we wholeheartedly, humbly and sincerely pray for the health and longevity of Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche, in order that he can turn the Wheel of the Holy Dharma! We also sincerely request all beings, and particularly all the students of Rinpoche, to recite and memorize the Long Life Prayer for Rinpoche in order that he will continue to remain in this world for long for the benefits of all our motherly sentient beings!

"The Guru, Manjushri in human form, I remember,

With utmost sincerity, I pray that

You will forever remain in this world!

To be always healthy in order to transmit the limitless Dharma teachings, (so as to)

Bring benefits and happiness to all sentient beings with your blessings of the Dharma nectars!"

CONTENT of Issue 2

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