has finally made a very wise decision in 1989 to do so in various parts of the world. These Dharma centres are gathered under the umbrella organization called Siddhartha's Intent, which spread over various countries, including Canada, the United States, Germany, India, Australia, Taiwan and Hong Kong, so as to propagate the Dharma in a "non-sectarian" approach.
Photo 2.15 : Dzongsar Rinpoche with his father Kyabje Dungsay Thinley Norbu Rinpoche in Nepal in 1985

In order to carry on the compassionate last wish and deed of His Holiness Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, Rinpoche is responsible for the production and distribution of thousands of holy Treasure Vases, to be either concealed in the lands or to be submerged into the oceans all over the world in order to promote world peace, as well as for environmental harmony of the various earthly elements. In so doing, Rinpoche has put in a lot of efforts, time and money in order to accomplish this hugh project, the result of which has indicated the determination and infinite compassion of Rinpoche in applying the Dharma practices to our daily life experiences.

Rinpoche's Realizations

Rinpoche never talks about his own realizations, and no one dares to ask about this. Even if there is such a question, probably the answer will be a very interesting and humorous one. After all, since the attachments to the ego and to the Dharma are so intense in sentient beings, and if they think that "realizations" are necessary products of their practices, they will surely attach to the "adoration" and the "thirst" for such kinds of realizations. If this attachment is intense, it can create obstacles and will thus lead the practitioners astray.
Photo 2.16 Dzongsar Rinpoche with his first cousin Dudjom Yangsi Rinpoche

We should rejoice and feel encouraged by the life stories and realizations of great Masters, but one should not be attached to these realizations as the "final products" of practices, otherwise the end result could be damaging or even fatal! The mind changes all the time, and so if one attaches to a certain "realization" at a particular time-space setting, it can become a pitfall or obstacle in one's own practices later on. All such "realizations" can be seen as just magic shows that one can laugh at and then discard them. In order to climb up further for higher spiritual attainments, one must, first of all, have to break down this kind of attachments!

Kindly Turn the Wheel of the Holy Dharma
For the past few years, as Rinpoche was preoccupied with doing intensive retreats, he did not have time to come to Hong Kong for quite a while. While some of the teachings of Rinpoche have been taped, collected, or translated into Chinese, they are limited in scope and in content, and are not widely circulated amony the general populace. Hence, it gives people the general impression that Rinpoche’s writings are rather scattered and not too well organized.

However, we have finally a great and happy news for the public: Rinpoche's book on "View, Meditation and Action of Buddhism" is finally translated into Chinese and is published in Taiwan. This book uses very insightful statements and examples to illustrate the fundamentals on the whole picture of the Buddhist -- CONTINUE --

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