Having fully accomplished all of the ten services, You illuminated the Buddha's doctrine with your brilliant sun-like teachings, The great Pandita, illuminator of the cool land of Tibet, To you, Rongzom Chokyi Zangpo, I pray. He who accomplishes the prayer to extensively exercise penance, To surprise and overthrow those deceitful ones who are difficult to tame, The yogurt drinker, holding a vajra weapon, and possessing great strength, To your feet, Hepa Chojung, I pray.
From the ocean-like compassionate mind of the powerful Lotus-Born One, The sun-like supreme emanation of miraculous activity is born. The sun of Kathok, propagator of the original tradition, To your lotus feet, Dampa Dayshek, I pray. He who is in the secret sacred land of Dharma treasures, wealth, and relics, The kingly owner of a hundred inconceivably marvelous concealed treasures, Having transcended the ten bodhi stages to turn the Dharma wheel, To you, Traktung Dudul Dorje, I pray.
The heart son of Dayshek Pagmo, Who transformed the secret path of pure awareness into the sphere of ultimate truth, The supreme chief among the Mahasiddhas in the Snow Land, To the Heruka Palden Lingje Repa, I pray. The spiritual and actual son of Longsal Nyingpo who was the wrathful emanation of Guru Rinpoche, Illuminator of the essential true meaning of truth, The Great Perfection (Dzogpachenpo), To you, the Bodhisattva Sonam Detsen, I pray.
The sun of exalted wisdom and compassion shining upon the cool plains of Tibet, Opening instantly all the lotus petals of happiness and benefit, Manjushri in the form of a human saint, To the protector of living beings, Chogyal Pagpa, I pray. Who is blessed by your constant reliance upon the tutelary deity, Possessing the Dakinis' secret treasures by the power of previous karma, The guide who leads those who meet you to the Clear Light Lotus Realm, To you, Dudul Rolpa Tsal, I pray.
He who sees with pure awareness the supreme ultimate truth -- the uncontrived true nature of reality, Releasing chains of cyclic confusion, The powerful ruler of the undisturbed Dharmakaya kingdom, To Drumgyi Khar Nagpa, I pray. The supreme guide who has achieved the full blessing of non-human personal projection, Revealer of the mind treasure of Samantabhadra from the vast sphere of ultimate truth, The actual emanation of kingly wrath, the space-like yogi, To you, Garwang Dudjom Pawo(Dudjom Lingpa), I pray.