Editorial (Iuaugural Issue)


Buddhist faith, in order that they will stay in this world to uphold the Victory Banners in all directions and to turn the Wheel of the Holy Dharma for the benefits of all our motherly sentient beings, as limitless as the sky!
Yeshe Thaye, (David Kin-keung Chan, Ph.D.) Editor-in-Chief,
on November 10, 1998
(Lha Bab Duchen, the day of Buddha's Descent from Heaven)


Call for Contributions


In order to provide a forum whereby people, from different angles and viewpoints within the Buddhist faith, can share among each other as to what they think and feel about issues within the faith, a column will be opened for contributions from the readers. We would like to make it clear that the three criteria of "religious experiences, Buddhist logic, and the Buddha's Teachings in the Sutras and Tantras" will be used as the basis upon which we lay out the forum. Naturally, the viewpoints made are by the individual authors, and the editorial board bears no responsibilities whatsoever. We also welcome latest information on the internet concerning Buddhism. We also hope to start a new colume on new books in future issues, and so if you have any new books coming out which you would like to share with our readers, you can send us an inspection copy for review.
As our journal is distributed free of charge, we are sorry that we will not be able to offer any remuneration. The contributions you make will be appreciated by our readers because it will bring enormous benefits to many sentient beings through participating in discussions on matters of great concern for us all. Please provide us with both a hardcopy and a floppy disk, using winword 6.0 or above versions, together with the enclosed form for our record. Please also provide us with the Chinese translation of your article if you want it to be printed in the Chinese section as well. We are sorry for not being able to provide translation services