Editorial (Iuaugural Issue)


a lot of confusion among practitioners, we would like to take a holistic approach towards issues and problems when facing our Dharma teachings and practices. We will focus on Thervada Buddhism, Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism as a complete system of the Buddhist teachings and practices, such that the important ingredients of the "Three Yanas" --- that is, the mind of renunciation in Thervada Buddhism, the altruistic mind of Bodhicitta and the correct view of Sunyata in Mahayana Buddhism, and the skillful means of Vajrayana Buddhism --- all go hand in hand together and should not be separated from one another, in such a way as to help fill in the gaps in between the different aspects of the "totality of Buddhism".
(2) The merging of the Buddhist teachings into our daily lives -- in response to the fact that there is a split between the study and practice of the Buddhist teachings, we would like to emphasize that what was being taught by the Buddha himself and by the Great Masters of both the past and the present should be practised in our daily lives, so that while fulfilling the basic principles of Buddhism, we are not separated from ordinary life. Hence, the Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch (by Ven. Hui-Neng) mentioned : "The kingdom of Buddha is in this world, within which enlightenment is to be sought. To seek enlightenment by separating from this world is as absurd as to search for a rabbit's horn. Right views are called "transcendental"; erroneous views are called 'worldly'."
In this respect, as a Buddhist practitioner of the Mahayana tradition, one should not be separated from this world; neither should one discard the "other-worldly" principles. The cultivation of one's mind is of utmost importance. If one's mind is not in the right direction, then the right path will not be erected in one's heart. As a result, one would strive for false aims, instead of the ultimate aim which is for the liberation and enlightenment for oneself and others.
The aim of this new journal is to focus on problems and issues that we, as Buddhist practitioners, might encounter during our everyday life experiences. Drawing upon the ancient wisdom of the Buddhist faith, we will try to apply what has been taught and practiced it in this worldly context. While we need to be re-assured of the practicality of the Buddhist Dharma, we should not be polluted or contaminated by the eight worldly concerns that lead us astray. While we are in the world, we also need to renounce and to be out of the world, in order to play the worldly games without either attachment or grasping and taking them seriously. We need a lot of courage, wisdom, discipline and perseverence in our daily practices, as well as to keep our clean and pure vows and commitments in order to carry through our vision and mission of a Bodhisattva to the end.
With "bodhicitta as the cause, compassion as the root, and skillful means as the way", our journal will try to pinpoint the pitfalls that one may encounter on the path, and then seek the spiritual advices and guidances of the Great Masters, in order that we may help the practitioners to solve their doubts and to ease their difficulties during their daily practice of the Dharma. While long-time practitioners may, at first glance, feel that this journal is rather superficial, yet it can be quite refreshing for both newcomers and longtimers of Buddhism to reflect upon, to review, and to continue to make progress on the study of the theory and practice of Buddhism in all of its many forms.
With the above-captioned principles in mind, our journal will focus on the biographies of the past Saints, as well as on the life stories of the Great Masters, so as to give us good examples to follow and to guide us in what should be kept and what should be abandoned. These great exemplaries will, once again, remind us of the true aim of studying and practicing Buddhism, as well as the ways and means by which we travel the path. Works and writings of the Great Masters will be introduced to help us in developing the Right Knowledge and Right View, which acts like a compass, so we will not lose the direction while travelling on the path .....CONTINUE.....


CONTENT of Issue 1

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