Short Account of the Memorandum & Articles of Dudjom Buddhist Association International Limited

F. Memberships:

  • (1) The liability of the members is limited, such amount not exceeding the sum of HK$10.
  • (2) Where any applicant desires to be admitted to membership of the Association as an Ordinary Member he or she must sign and deliver to the Association an application for admission framed in such terms as the Board of Directors shall require and shall follow the regulations contained in these Articles of Association.
  • (3) Members have to pay either a permanent fee or an annual subscription in order to maintain their memberships : Either (a) A Permanent Fee (HK$3000 or US$450). No annual subscription shall be charged thereafter. or (b) No Entrance Fee is required, but one needs to pay an annual subscription (HK$300 or US$45 for the year 1999).
    But such fees shall be liable to increase or reduction as may from time to time be determined by the Board of Directors of this Association.
  • (4) All annual subscriptions shall become due and payable in advance on the 1st day of January in every year. (No matter in which calendar month does a member enter the Association, his or her membership will cease to exist by the 31st December of the same year, and so he or she will have to pay for the next annual subscription in order to renew his or her membership.) If any annual subscription shall be unpaid for 3 months after the same shall become due and payable, the Association shall send to the defaulting member a letter requesting him or her to pay the subscription within seven days after the receipt of the letter. If the defaulting member fails to pay his or her subscription within the stipulated period he or she shall be deemed to have withdrawn from the Association.
  • (5) No applicant shall be admitted as an Ordinary Member of the Association unless he or she is first approved by the Board of Directors and the Board of Directors shall have full power and discretion as to the admission of any applicant to membership in any class, and in case of non-acceptance, the Board of Directors is not bound to assign any reason therefor.
  • (6) The rights and privileges of each and every member shall be personal and shall not be transferable by his or her own act or by operation of law.
  • (7) Any member may withdraw from the Association by giving one month's notice in writing to the Secretary of the Association of his or her intention so to do and upon the expiration of such notice, he or she shall cease to be a member.
  • (8) Any member of the Association whose doings are ..CONTINUE ..

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