bronze statue of Vajrasattva, signifying that we will be able to uphold Guru Lau's lineages, and he encouraged us to always keep our samayas pure and clean. Rinpoche even made a remark to me that my relationship to him now is just like the relationship of Guru Lau to Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche II. For this very special relationship, I will treasure it, not only for this life but forever! At the same time, we would like to express our utmost appreciation for Rinpoche's consort Sangyum Kusho Kamala and her daughter Ms. Saraswati for their help in translating for us during our visits to Rinpoche.

Photo 1.63 Kyabje Chadral Rinpoche, Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche II (centre) and Kyabje Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche.

During a very difficult and dark time when I felt helpless, it is Kyabje Chadral Rinpoche who compassionately supported and blessed me. I am most grateful for his kindness of which I will never be able to repay. Indeed, my gratitude and appreciation of him is beyond words, and he is my Protector and Lord of Refuge! I truly believe that this is due to the merits of Guru Lau, that he personally blessed me and directed me to Rinpoche. In order to repay the kindness of both Guru Lau and Kyabje Chadral Rinpoche, I vow that I will try my very best in this life to help Kyabje Dudjom Yangsi Rinpoche in whatever way I can, by spreading the Nyingma teachings in the world. In fact, Kyabje Chadral Rinpoche is now one of my beloved Tsawai Lamas, and together with Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche and Guru Lau, they are all the same, three in one!
I firmly believe that this is surely the only way that I can repay the great kindness and merits of these three beloved Tsawai Lamas of mine. Realizing how lowly I am in terms of both widsom and merit, I will not be able to have any hope of the slightest attainment without the great blessings of these three Great Masters! Even though Kyabje Chadral Rinpoche has so kindly written a letter of authorization allowing me to help propagate the Holy Dharma, I dare not to become others' teacher simply because I need to consolidate on my own practice. It is only until the time when both Rinpoche and myself feel that it is, indeed, suitable that I will consider this possibility.

Photo 1.55 Ms. Saraswati (left), Yeshe Thaye (middle) and Sangyum Kusho Kamala (right).

Even though I have to start everything from scratch, in comparison with what Guru Lau had so painstakingly done before, it is only a fraction of a million. Hence, if there is any slight accomplishment, this is due to the blessings and protection of Guru Lau. I further believe that all those difficulties and obstacles that I have gone through were the "blessings of the unfavourable circumstances" that Guru Lau had particularly trained me to face. I am now calling the lama from afar, and thus sincerely pray that Ven. Lama Sonam Chokyi Gyaltsan (Guru Lau Yui-che) will swiftly be reborn in order to turn the Dharma Wheel again. To this very day, I long for it!
If there are any wrongdoings on my part, or transgressions of discipline or broken samayas, such that it will disappoint the great expectations that my three beloved Tsawai Lamas have of me, I will have to confess that these are all due to my own ignorance and incapability. Thus I have to bear the responsibility! I pray to my three beloved Tsawai Lamas that they will forgive me for what I do wrong, and that they will not forsake me, now and in the future. If there are any slight merits that I may have, these are definitely due to the merits and blessings of my three beloved Tsawai Lamas.
I vow to dedicate all merits, if any, to my three beloved Tsawai Lamas, as well as to all our motherly sentient beings ! Particularly, I earnestly pray, from the depths of my heart, for the health and longevity of both Kyabje Chadral Rinpoche and Kyabje Dudjom Yangsi Rinpoche, and for the swift rebirth of Guru Lau, so that these three Great Masters can continue to uphold the Victory Banners in all directions, and to turn the unsurpassed Wheel of the Holy Dharma for the benefits of all our motherly sentient beings, as limitless as the sky!


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